Food Trucks

Food Truck stylish Volkswagen T1 manufactured in fiberglass.

Full customization



VWT1 original parts

Indoor design

In the front of the cabin, we find a space set aside for storage.

At the rear, there is a square space where you can install any type of household appliance. For example, an iron, coffee machine, etc.

A standardized sink with 2 tanks and a pump is incorporated. The capacity of both deposits is 50L.

In addition, in the interior we find a stainless steel bar that can be adapted to the needs of each client.

Finnish board-floor with the possibility of customization.

The walls can have a finish in polyester or in stainless steel sheet with internal insulation to achieve a better interior temperature and presence.

Useful interior with open-folded roof 4x1.64x2.20 m (length x width x height)


Outward design

The crystals are made of polycarbonate or methacrylate to reduce their weight. The gums of the crystals match those of the original model of VWT1.

The headlights, the turn signals, the taillights and the rear license plate light are all original Volkswagen T1 parts. All handles are finished in chrome.

The windows on the left side can be folded. Once knocked down, you can get the public in contact with the stainless steel bar.

The right side door and tailgate are available for opening. The front doors (driver, co-driver) are not.

The roof rises to a maximum height of 2.20 meters. This elevation can be electric or manual.

Painting of the bodywork is free to choose.



The Food Truck version 3500 Kg is manufactured on a trailer with two separate axles (for this type of trailer the B96 permit is necessary)

The 750 Kg version is manufactured on a trailer with a single central axle.

The trailer complies with current regulations including a license plate and lights. The lights of the trailer (position, braking, turn signal, fog light, license plate holder) match the original lights of the van.


Photos obtained from the internet.

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